2021 CBCS small grant scheme awardees announced

The Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation Science annually runs the CBCS small grant scheme for supporting activities to promote research collaboration, inclusion, mentorship, leadership and teamwork.

We would like to thank everyone who applied for this round of the scheme. A big congratulations to the applicants who were successful and commiserations to those who were not. We plan to run another small grant scheme in early 2022 and strongly encourage everyone to propose exciting ideas again.

The successful lead applicants and their activities for 2021 were:

Anazelia Tedesco       Workshop: Social factors as a bridge between restoration planning and implementation

Caitie Kuempel            Workshop: Coral reef and watershed management

Chris O'Bryan               Workshop: Biodiversity conservation and disease risk

Chris Roelfsema         Workshop: Satellite Earth observation for coastal and marine conservation

Clair Hume                   Workshop/Training: Communicating conservation research through non-fiction children's books with UQP

Claudia Benham         Workshop: Ecological grief

Diana Fisher                Workshop: Australia's goals and priorities for ex-situ conservtion of mammals 

Karlina Indraswari      Workshop: Infographic design

Laura Sonter                Workshop: Compiling a list of conservation courses at UQ

Manuela Mendiolar    Training: Statistical computing and programming in R

Mercedes McLean     Workshop: Connecting culture and conservation

Robyn Boldy:               Workshop/Seminar: Collaboration with Wik/Wik Waya Traditional Owners




Project members

Mercedes McLean

School of the Environment
PhD student
Applied Marine Biogeogaphy Lab

Dr Caitie Kuempel

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
School of Biological Sciences
Hoegh-Guldberg Lab
ECR Representative – Education
Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation Science

Dr Chris O'Bryan

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
School of the Environment
McDonald-Madden Lab

Dr Chris Roelfsema

Senior Research Fellow
School of the Environment
Remote Sensing Research Centre

Dr Claudia Benham

Lecturer in Environmental Management and Planning Policy and ARC DECRA Fellow
School of the Environment
Laura Sonter

Dr Laura Sonter

Senior Lecturer
School of the Environment
Deputy Director – Engagement
Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation Science

Anazelia Tedesco

PhD Student
School of Earth and Environmental Science
Possingham Lab, Rhodes Lab

Robyn Boldy

PhD Student
School of the Environment

Associate Professor Diana Fisher

Associate Professor
School of the Environment