Researcher biography

Divya began her PhD at The University of Queensland in January 2018, supervised by Professor Martine Maron. Her PhD project examines the biodiversity safeguards of the epochal Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), China’s trans-continental, multi-trillion-dollar, multi-decade infrastructure development push. Before moving to Australia, Divya was senior associate at a Mumbai-based Environmental Management consultancy. Divya graduated with a Masters in Biodiversity Conservation and Management from the University of Oxford and was later a visiting fellow at the University.


Narain, D. & Maron, M. 2018. Cost-shifting and other perverse incentives in biodiversity offsetting in India. Conservation Biology, 32(4): 782-788

Narain, D. & Maron, M. 2016. Protecting India’s conservation offsets. Science, 353: 758-758.