The CBCS seminars are held weekly on Tuesdays at 11am in the Goddard Building (Building 8), Room 501.

Morning tea is held before each seminar at 10:30am in the Level 5 tearoom in the Goddard Building.

Photo by Romina Castagnino Vera.


Date Speaker Talk title
23 July Paul Dennis, UQ Microorganisms and the management of ecosystems
30 July Richard Cottrell, University of Tasmania Bridging the land-sea divide for food security and sustainability
6 August Sophus zu Ermgassen, University of Kent We need to talk about offsets: No Net Loss and the global infrastructure boom
13 August Jeremy Simmonds, UQ A crash course through the EPBC Act referral and approvals process
20 August Dibesh Karmacharya, Center for Molecular Dynamics Nepal Novel approaches to the conservation and management of the Bengal tiger in Nepal
27 August Paula Prist, Universidade de São Paulo Forest conservation, human health and politics in Brazil
3 September Jaana Dielenberg, UQ Getting media coverage for your research
10 September Tim Seelig, DES Making policy for the environment: Lifting the bonnet on policy processes and the role of research
17 September Duan Biggs, Griffith University Navigating conservation's cultural divides on iconic wildlife in a fast-changing, uncertain world
24 September Angela Salim, UQ Cane toad challenge
1 October Kaline de Mello, Universidade de São Paulo The challenge of environmental policies implementation: The case of the Forest Code in Brazil
8 October Jacqueline Beggs, University of Auckland Challenges for New Zealand conservation: From social wasps to kākāpo
15 October Martin Stringer, Dow Centre for Sustainable Engineering Innovation The world’s energy crisis, its solutions, and their consequences
22 October James Allan, UQ How much of Earth's terrestrial area must be conserved to safeguard biodiversity?
29 October Andrew Baker, QUT What are the best detection methods for conserving threatened antechinuses?
5 November Paul Dennis, UQ Microorganisms and the management of ecosystems
12 November April Reside, UQ

Bringing ecology into Australia’s environmental law reform

19 November Alison Johnston, Cornell/eBird Big data analytics for avian ecology and conservation
26 November Ian Tibbetts, UQ Respecting Traditional Owners in Solomon Islands and Moreton Bay
3 December Michael Noad, UQ The songs of humpback whales, and why they matter for conservation
10 December Leah Burns, Griffith University Tourism and conservation in Iceland: Boom and doom?
17 December Selina Ward, UQ TBC