Researcher biography

Sean was born and raised in south-west Victoria, splitting his time between big cities, rural farms and sclerophyll forests. This varied upbringing defines Sean’s diverse research agenda, which centres on finding cost-effective solutions to environmental sustainability problems.

Sean moved to Brisbane in 2009, where at The University of Queensland he completed his B.S. in Ecology and PhD in Conservation Science. Sean’s PhD research was supervised by Professor James Watson and focused on how best to plan for emerging impacts of climate change on species of conservation concern. These impacts included extreme weather events and human responses to climate change.

After being awarded his PhD in 2018, Sean worked as a post-doctoral research fellow in James Watson’s research group, Green Fire Science. This work focused on quantifying the carbon benefits of retaining large tracts of intact forest across the global tropics. Looking forward, Sean continues to work on land use solutions to global climate change and biodiversity loss, and is increasingly interested in how local, coordinated management of agricultural landscapes can make meaningful contributions to international climate and biodiversity goals.