Researcher biography

I am a PhD student working on the bioacoustic monitoring of black-cockatoos, focusing on the Kangaroo Island glossy black-cockatoo and the south-eastern red-tailed black-cockatoo. I am supervised by Berndt van Rensburg, Martine Maron and Paul Roe (QUT Ecosounds lab). Since completing my honours in 2008, I’ve been working for the Queensland Government in various roles. After a short stint in a koala conservation team, I spent a number of years working in development assessment, policy and compliance. This work concerned mostly coastal development impacts in south-east Queensland. After graduating from The University of Queensland's Master of Conservation Biology in 2014, I started working as a Fisheries Scientist in a team responsible for monitoring recreational fishing across the state, a role I maintain part-time alongside my PhD. With my background in government, I’m very interested in science that informs policy and is usable by managers on the ground. My paper relating to my work at fisheries can be seen here.