Researcher biography

Christopher is interested in leveraging technology to tackle “big” and applied scientific problems. He has a broad research background and interests, ranging from biotechnology to hydrodynamics. Chris’ previous work has focused on the effects of changing environmental conditions on marine ecosystems/species and human’s relationships with them, including fisheries and elasmobranch megafauna. He has worked heavily on the energetics of elasmobranchs, including how changes in temperature will affect individuals and populations, using tools including bioenergetic models, biologging with miniaturised sensors, and biomechanic/hydrodynamic models. 

His current research examines novel techniques to monitor coral reefs, primarily through a partnership with Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef. Chris is developing tools that will optimise the use of citizen science and Artificial Intelligence to enable broadscale monitoring of coral reefs. This includes methods of in-water sampling, as well as analysis tools to provide rapid, accurate and scalable monitoring of coral reefs powered by local communities. Chris is using the Great Barrier Reef as a case study to develop tools that can be applied globally.