Researcher biography

Miranda is a PhD candidate at The University of Queensland working in the Maron Ecology and Conservation Policy Lab. Her PhD is in collaboration with Bush Heritage Australia and explores the effects of landform, land use and fire on small mammals and reptiles in the Brigalow Belt of Central Queensland. Specifically, the project aims to understand changes to abundance and diversity across regional ecosystems in response to grazing pressures, and under differing fire regimes. This research will help to optimise conservation land management in the region and will increase understanding of how small mammals and reptiles are affected by human-induced landscape changes in Australia. 

Miranda also completed a Master of Conservation Science at The University of Queensland, looking at how locomotor performance affected the probability of survival for northern quolls on Groote Eylandt in the Northern Territory. She has held positions as a scientist, ecologist, science communicator, and student representative on the Australian Mammal Society Council.  


Rew-Duffy, M., Cameron, S. F., Freeman, N. J., Wheatley, R., Latimer, J. M., & Wilson, R. S. (2020). Greater agility increases probability of survival in the endangered northern quoll. Journal of Experimental Biology223(15).