Researcher biography

Frankie is a PhD candidate jointly at the University of Exeter (UK) and The University of Queensland, working with Professors Brett Day and Jonathan Rhodes, and supported by the QUEX Institute. His PhD project investigates how to make natural capital decisions under uncertainty. Drawing on the fields of environmental economics and ecology, this project characterises the uncertainties arising from integrated environment-economy models and identifies efficient spatial landscape configurations to provide ecosystem services. This project applies state-of-the-art computational methods to characterise the uncertainties arising from coupled ecological and economic models and identify efficient and robust spatial landscape configurations. These research findings will inform public policy that support sustainable natural capital management in the face of climate change.

Before starting his PhD, Frankie completed his BSocSc and MPhil in Geography at the University of Hong Kong. His previous research works applies discrete choice experiments and spatial hedonic models to estimate the economic value and residents’ preferences for urban river ecosystem services in China and Belgium. He was awarded both the HKU Outstanding Research Postgraduate Student award and the Dr. Stephen S. F. Hui Prize in Geography for his MPhil thesis focusing on environmental economics. 


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