Researcher biography

Cass is a PhD candidate at The University of Queensland undertaking research on the greater bilby (Macrotis lagotis). Cass’s research is being undertaken in collaboration with Save the Bilby Fund and Arid Recovery, where she is investigating the home range and movements of reintroduced bilby populations. Cass is tracking bilbies in fenced reserves at Currawinya National Park in south-west Queensland’s mulga lands and in the arid zone in South Australia, using novel, light-weight GPS logging devices. This research aims to investigate the effects of climatic zone and bilby density on home range size and movements, to better understand the spatial ecology and requirements of reintroduced bilby populations in fenced reserves. 

Before commencing her PhD, Cass was a senior environmental scientist and ecologist in the private sector and has undertaken field work throughout Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia.