Researcher biography

Monique Bertin is a postgraduate student within the Masters of Conservation Science program at The University of Queensland. She completed her degree in Biology with a focus in Animal Behavior, Physiology and Neurobiology at Arizona State University. While conducting avian physiology and urban ecology research at ASU, she discovered her passion for conservation after becoming involved in a marine conservation lab.  

Monique grew up in a small harbor town on the northeast coast of the United States, where she developed a strong connection with nature by using it as her playground. Her love for travel has taken her across the world where she combines her passion for animals, conservation, sustainability and science communication through her research, volunteer work and studies. Her current research proposal includes a marine conservation project under the supervision of Dr Selina Ward. By understanding the distribution and density patters of sea hares on Heron Island reef flats, as well as the effects of pH on algal palatability, Monique hopes to create links between the herbivores’ role in coral reef ecosystems and climate change.