Researcher biography

Taison is a Master of Conservation Science student at The University of Queensland. His master's research project focuses on the optimisation of a citizen science effort, the Great Reef Census, by assessing the quality of the data. The main objective of the project is to inform better design of future reef census project to gather valuable information about the Great Barrier Reef. His supervisor is Professor Peter Mumby of the Marine Spatial Ecology Lab.

Taison completed his undergraduate study at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Since then, he has developed a huge interest in marine conservation and science communication. Since graduation, he has been heavily involved in cetacean research in Hong Kong for over 6 years, during which he developed various skills for wildlife research. Since 2017, he has been chairing the Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society, a non-profit organisation with a primary focus on conserving local marine mammal species through scientific research and education. He is also acting as the media spokesperson for the group and responsible for managing both its internal and external affairs. Realising that in order to achieve a higher goal in the field of conservation, it would require advancing his knowledge and skills, he has returned to an academic institution in pursuit of knowledge in conservation and environmental perspectives.