Researcher biography

Nga-Yee is a PhD student studying global and regional waterbirds using global datasets to identify trends and drivers of changes in waterbird distribution, abundance, connectivity between regions and community structures, aiming to provide guidance to better protect waterbirds and inform wetland conservation policy development. She also works with CSIRO and the University of Hong Kong on her PhD project.

She has experiences in habitat and conservation management, ecological surveys and assessments, and local community and public engagement in nature conservation in Hong Kong and South China, in particular at Mai Po: a Ramsar site designated for waterbirds. She has worked for ecological consultants, NGOs and governments on nature conservation; this background has built her interest in evidence-based conservations of regional and global waterbirds and their habitats. She received a BSc in Environmental Life Science from the University of Hong Kong, and an MSc in Applied Ecology and Conservation from University of East Anglia, UK, with Chevening Scholarship award. She is also a keen birder and wildlife watcher.