Researcher biography

Professor Anthony J. Richardson is a mathematical ecologist at The University of Queensland and CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere in Australia. He graduated from UQ in 1991, majoring in Maths and Ecology, and graduated with 1st Class Honours in 1992. He obtained his PhD in Marine Ecology from the University of Cape Town in 1998, where he developed statistical models to understand plankton dynamics and anchovy recruitment. He has previously held positions at the University of Cape Town (South Africa), the University of the Western Cape (South Africa), and the Sir Alister Hardy Foundation of Ocean Science (UK). 

His research interests include plankton dynamics, climate change ecology, marine conservation and spatial planning, and ecosystem modelling. Anthony is particularly focused on elucidating the role of plankton in marine ecosystems. He is the author of >200 peer-reviewed publications, and has been cited 25,000 times. At CSIRO, Anthony leads the Australian Continuous Plankton Recorder Survey, working with a team of skilled and dedicated plankton enthusiasts to investigate the plankton communities of the Pacific, Indian and Southern Oceans around Australia.

Anthony is Head of the Mathematical Marine Ecology Lab.