Brewing for Biodiversity

Join us at Straddie Brewing Co during National Science Week for an enriching and entertaining discussion about Quandamooka Country's (Moreton Bay) outstanding biodiversity, and the conservation action needed to protect it. A hazy pale ale — brewed specially to celebrate Quandamooka Country's Biodiversity — will be on tap at the event.

Learn from the scientists from the The University of Queensland's Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation Science through a game of 'species survivor'. Each of the six scientists will deliver a 5-minute pitch on their study species, telling us why it's important and what is needed to protect it:

Time: Sunday 18th August (2:30pm for 2:45pm start)

Place: Straddie Brewing Co, 5 Junner St, Dunwich, Qld (Minjerribah, North Stradbroke Island)

Register here:

Quandamooka Country (Moreton Bay) is an ecologically significant seascape with exceptional natural assets. Over 1,000 species, many threatened, reside in or rely on its diverse habitats during migration – and they need our help. On the doorstep of one of Australia’s fastest growing population centres – now preparing to host the 2032 Olympic Games – Quandamooka Country's biodiversity is under increasing threat.


At UQ’s Centre of Biodiversity and Conservation Science, we’re working to better understand some of Quandamooka Country's most vulnerable species, the pressures on their survival and what must be done to protect them. Your gift will help the Centre of Biodiversity and Conservation Science protect Quandamooka Country’s biodiversity via important conservation research, including work on the following species:


Indo-Pacific Leopard Shark

The Indo-Pacific Leopard Shark is globally endangered due to commercial fishing. Quandamooka Country is home to its largest known aggregation. Your pledge will help scientists understand the significance of Quandamooka Country to the Indo-Pacific Leopard Shark's seasonal migration along Australia's east coast.



Copepods are microscopic but mighty - they help power our cars, regulate our climate, feed marine life, and are sensitive to environmental changes. Your pledge will help monitor 200 species of copepods to track the health of Quandamooka Country.


Eastern Curlew

The Eastern Curlew is critically endangered in Australia. It travels across the world each year to get to Quandamooka Country, one of the species' last strongholds, where it enjoys the delicious food nestled away in mudflats. Your pledge will help scientists develop conservation strategies for the species.


Grey Mangrove

A true battler on Quandamooka Country, the grey mangrove can withstand inhospitable environmental conditions. These large trees are critical for the survival of a myriad of fish, birds, and microbats. Your pledge will help scientists establish their resilience to climate change and influence on future biological diversity.


Oyster Reefs

Oyster reefs are habitat for other marine animals and are exceptional at filtering water. Oyster reefs have declined by up to 96% on Quandamooka Country. Your pledge will support biological and legal research needed for expansive oyster reef restoration.


White's Seahorse

The White's seahorse is only found in eastern Australia and the species is endangered due to habitat loss. Little is known about the seahorse on Quandamooka Country. Your pledge will help scientists gain information critical for the protection of this seahorse in Moreton Bay.

The Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation Science is a world-leading solution-oriented research centre for biodiversity conservation. The centre works with scientists, governments, and non-governmental organisations, and industry to solve the most important conservation problems around the world.

Photo credit: D Harasti


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