Felipe is a wildlife biologist with a Masters in Zoology and experience working in terrestrial ecosystems in South America and South East Asia. He works with taxonomy of vertebrates (especially birds and mammals), animal behaviour for the protection of endangered species, wildlife management, population and community ecology, landscape ecology and soundscape ecology. Biodiversity monitoring is his special interest, be it for tackling efficiently any research question, assessing environmental disturbs or for passion and curiosity to understand local ecological patterns and dynamics.

Wildlife acoustic monitoring has been applied on his researches since his Masters in 2015, working with acoustic indices of biodiversity calculated from recordings done on the Atlantic rainforest. For his PhD, the applicability of the acoustic indices is going to be assessed over several uses, such as for monitoring habitat conditions and its variations along the seasons, vegetation structure, landscape configuration, ecosystem productivity, diversity of bird species and on the identification of competition for the acoustic space by frogs.