Researcher biography

I am conducting a PhD with Martine Maron as my principal supervisor. My project will aim to assist in the development and planning of a target-based offsets model for the Northern Territory Government that will maximise outcomes for the Territory's unique biodiversity. 

I'm also a project officer for the Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland. My role involves conserving South-East Queensland's population of the threatened brush-tailed rock-wallaby.

Prior to this, I worked as a field ecologist for Australian Wildlife Conservancy, where I was involved in mammal reintroductions at Mallee Cliffs National Park and Newhaven Wildlife Sanctuary, two of the largest feral-predator free sanctuaries in Australia.


Thomas, H., Cameron, S. F., Campbell, H. A., Micheli-Campbell, M. A., Kirke, E. C., Whealtey, R., and Wilson, R. S. (2021). Rocky escarpment versus savannah woodlands: comparing diet and body condition as indicators of habitat quality for the endangered northern quoll (Dasyurus hallucatus)Wildlife Research 48, 434–443.