Researcher biography

I started my Master of Environmental Management at UQ in February 2021 remotely from France because of COVID-19. I arrived in Australia in January 2022 for the second year of my Master’s degree and have been living my best life since then!

I have always been passionate about wildlife and Australia and coming here to study environmental management and how to improve conservation outcomes has always been a dream. Just before coming to Australia, I did an internship in a fundraising agency and raised funds for global conservation NGOs. This triggered my desire to work with or for NGOs in the future.

I am currently doing a research project under the supervision of Professor Martine Maron, focusing on how messages around local extinctions versus global extinction of threatened species in Australia are framed, and how they influence the conservation efforts of Australian people, which I hope may lead me to a PhD in the future. I am also planning on doing an industry placement in Semester 2, 2022.