Researcher biography

Tanvi is a wildlife conservationist who has completed her Master’s in Conservation Science at The University of Queensland. Her Master’s thesis was based on identifying mitigation measures for human–elephant conflict in southern India. She is currently pursuing a joint PhD program with IIT Delhi (with Professor Ajay Saini), India, and UQ (with Professor Salit Kark). The project focuses on identifying alternate sources of livelihood for local communities in developing nations like India and Nepal to help aid the conservation of large threatened mammals in Protected Areas. She is also working in the field of wildlife filmmaking and has been featured on National Geographic in the film ‘Giants of the Himalayas’, which was based on the conservation of the Himalayan brown bear. Her goal is to work on finding a balance between community conservation and human–wildlife conflict situations in order to protect wildlife. She is also an avid photographer and loves to capture nature and its beauty through her camera lens.