Researcher biography

Yoshi is a Master of Environmental Management student at The University of Queensland. She received her Bachelor of Arts in economics major and environmental studies minor from Middlebury College, Vermont, USA. 

Yoshi loves all things nature. Having spent her childhood in both Japan and China, she grew up eating seafood. Yet, it was when she went to Costa Rica to volunteer for sea turtle hatcheries managed by Osa Conservation that she realised her special love and fascination with the marine environment. 

Currently, as a first-year postgraduate student, she is assisting in a research project under the Ocean Conservation Lab concerning the link between watershed conditions, disease, and aquatic ecosystem health in Pacific Island countries. She hopes that, in her second year of postgraduate studies, she can conduct research on the intersection of fisheries, aquaculture and marine conservation. Thus, she is eager to learn more about the marine environment, and, during her free time, she tries to undertake as many trips as possible to the ocean around the country.