Researcher biography

Fei is a PhD candidate at The University of Queensland, under the supervision of Professor Jonathan Rhodes. His research focuses on developing quantitative spatial models and using decision analysis to explore the effects of climate change in designing private land conservation initiatives.

Originating from Malaysia and subsequently living in Singapore before moving to Australia, Fei has witnessed the massive destruction of tropical rainforests in the Southeast Asian region. That experience sowed the seeds for his passion in biodiversity conservation. His general research interest is to understand how anthropogenic impacts on the landscape can be reduced or even reversed in the face of climate change.

Fei completed his Master of Conservation Biology at The University of Queensland in July 2020. Prior to that, Fei was a conservation practitioner for close to a decade. He was the project manager for a wildlife overhead bridge and subsequently a nature reserve manager in Singapore. He is also a member of the Singapore Pangolin Working Group, which focuses on coordinating and supporting conservation and research projects related to the Critically Endangered Sunda Pangolin in the island state.