Researcher biography

I am a postdoctoral researcher working on ecosystem services and landscape planning in Borneo, as part of the Borneo Futures Project in collaboration with other scientists and NGOs. Concurrently, I am working on watershed ecosystem services in Tanzania and Laos, with James Watson and Joseph Maina from ARC-CEED and the Wildlife Conservation Society; and on integrating watershed services into planning for forestry landscapes in Indonesia and Latin America with the SNAP working group on tropical forestry

This research focuses on understanding flows of ecosystem services (especially freshwater), local people’s perceptions and needs for these services, and on landscape planning for multiple objectives including biodiversity conservation, ecosystem services and equitable development.

Key collaborators include Dr Kerrie WilsonProfessor Hugh Possingham , and Dr Erik Meijaard

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Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity Conservation

Borneo projects

Previous research topics include the functional diversity of plant traits, seed dispersal, secondary rainforest regeneration, estimating biodiversity metrics for conservation planning and development of statistical methods.

In 2012, I completed my PhD in rainforest ecology at The University of Queensland, studying seed dispersal and the functional diversity of rainforest regeneration after clearance.