Researcher biography

I am the Project Coordinator for the Threatened Species Index (TSX) at the Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network (TERN). The TSX integrates long-term monitoring data for Australia’s threatened and near-threatened species. A key focus of my role is coordinating the growth and expansion of the TSX, including working with data providers from across the country to bring their data into the index, allowing us to generate up-to-date and reliable trends in abundance at national, state and regional levels.

Coupled with my TSX role, I continue to pursue my interests in the field of data science, focussing on the important role it plays in biodiversity conservation. I am particularly passionate about helping streamline the ways in which we collect, analyse, publish, and access data, critical to improving scientific discovery, communication, and collaboration globally.

I hold a degree in Advanced Science (Ecology) with First Class Honours from The University of Queensland and my research experience covers aspects of plant community and invasion ecology, as well as conservation biology.