Researcher biography

Christina is currently a postdoctoral researcher for the Celine Frere Research Group at The University of Queensland. Their lab collaborates with governments and industry to deliver cost-effective wildlife monitoring services, gut microbiome and diet analyses, and important wildlife conservation outcomes. With more than 16 years in field-based roles and 8 years in lab-based roles, Christina’s inter-disciplinary research interests have traversed parrot vocalisations to animal cognition, landscape nutrition (koalas), snake venom activity, antivenom efficacy, snake ecology, snake behaviour, and the human-snake conflict. Her vision is to use science to improve human and societal relationships with wildlife. Christina also has a passion for science communication (e.g., she was ABC's Top Five Scientist in 2021; is 1 of 3 Inspiring Australia's ambassadors for Qld in 2024, has consulted for many film companies like BBC, NHK, Netflix, and ABC) and has devoted 15 years to working with Indigenous mobs on Cape York Peninsula to save Australia’s only tool-using parrot, the Palm Cockatoo, whereby Prof. Rob Heinsohn and she successfully raised its conservation status twice.