Researcher biography

As part of a 20-year study in collaboration with The University of Queensland and Hidden Vale, I am conducting a masters research project on successional responses of small mammals to prescribed burns. Under the supervision of Dr Annabel Smith, this research will help to inform the development of holistic prescribed burning regimes, that contribute to hazard reduction and benefit local flora and fauna at an ecosystem level. A thorough understanding of the effects of wildfire mitigation on small mammals is vital, especially with the recent increase in climate change induced wildfires.

I have always had an interest in animal behaviour and disturbance ecology, which was enhanced through my BSc at Monash University where I majored in zoology. During this time, I assisted with VNPA’s Life After Fire program, which sparked my interest in fire ecology. To extend upon my research skills and adopt a broader conservation approach, I moved to Queensland in 2022 to study a Master of Conservation Science at The University of Queensland. I hope that this research project can contribute to our understanding of post-fire small mammal ecology and ultimately inform management actions that will conserve our beloved fauna for years to come.