Researcher biography

Jaimee is a PhD candidate at The University of Queensland. Her research will be investigating the impacts of canine distemper virus on endangered carnivores in South East Asia. This project is a collaborative effort between the spatial epidemiology lab of the School of Veterinary Science, and the Ecological Cascades Lab at the School of the Environment. Her PhD supervisors are Dr Tatiana Proboste Iberttii, Dr. Matthew Luskin and Professor Ricardo Soares Magalhaes. 

Jaimee has a background in veterinary medicine. She is a zoo and wildlife veterinarian, working with a variety of Australian native and exotic species. She obtained her BVSc and BSc(Vet.) degrees with first class honours from the University of Sydney. Her Honours research focused on congenital vestibular disease of critically endangered Sumatran tigers. 

Jaimee is a member of The Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists, in the specialty of medicine of zoo animals. She is currently the Australian mammal primary veterinary advisor for the Australian zoo and aquarium association.