Researcher biography

I earned both my Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Ecology from the School of Life Sciences and Technology at the Institute of Technology Bandung (SITH-ITB) in Indonesia. During both programs, my research centered on the world's largest living lizard, the Komodo dragon (Varanus komodoensis), within Komodo National Park. I investigated their behaviour and responses to tourism activities, with the aim of contributing valuable insights to park management for conservation strategies.

In 2018, I began my career as a junior lecturer at SITH-ITB and joined the Ecology Research Group. My research scope expanded to encompass various species, with a particular focus on mammals and birds. I examined their distribution and behavior in response to anthropological disturbances, such as habitat fragmentation and human-wildlife conflicts.

More recently, my interest has shifted towards invasive bird species. The lack of comprehensive information on the ecology and impacts of invasive bird species in tropical regions, especially in Indonesia, has motivated me to delve deeper into this subject. Consequently, in October 2023, I moved to Brisbane, Australia, to commence my PhD program at the School of the Environment, The University of Queensland, under the guidance of Professor Salit Kark. I am enthusiastic about conducting extensive research, including population and distribution modeling, investigating interspecific interactions between non-native and native bird species, and conducting meta-data analysis. My ultimate goal is to contribute to the development of effective and efficient management strategies for controlling invasive species and safeguarding biodiversity.