Researcher biography

Kirsten is a coral reef ecologist currently working as a research assistant within the Marine team  of the Remote Sensing Research Centre, focusing on coral reef community ecology, mapping and monitoring. She holds a BAdvSc (Hons I) from The University of Queensland. Her honours research investigated the impacts of flooding on coral community composition in the turbid coral communities of Moreton Bay using underwater photogrammetry.

Kirsten is passionate about making science accessible to broader audiences and has worked at CoralWatch, a not-for-profit organisation focused on coral monitoring and community engagement. She has also been working as an aquarist in the Sea Jellies exhibit at Sea World Australia since 2022.


Lanyon, J. M., Sneath, H. L., Golding, K. M., & Madden, C. (2023). Baseline Urinalysis of the Fully Marine, Herbivorous Dugong (Dugong dugon). Aquatic Mammals49(6), 585–596.