Researcher biography

In November 2014 I arrived in Australia and started my PhD under the supervision of Salit Kark, in The Biodiversity Research Group at the University of Queensland.

My project aims to develop a scientifically-based protocol using novel scientific tools, to prioritize actions and develop strategies that will enable to effectively minimize the threats of invasive mammals, which affect Australia’s unique biodiversity and ecosystems. I will investigate the spatial patterns and major processes shaping the invasion of terrestrial invasive mammals in Australia at a continental scale, synthesizing spatial, temporal, historical, and economic data to examine the role of biological versus human-related processes in shaping invasion success and impacts in Australia. This will allow better integration of biological, climatic and human related data to spatially prioritize action.

My interests are mainly related to conservation biology, community ecology, population dynamics, invasive species (specially the effects of invasive mammals and birds on the native fauna and the environment). I have experience in ecological surveys, environmental base lines, environmental impact analysis, monitoring endangered species and mapping their interactions network.