Researcher biography

Honours Student: Assessing shark attack spatial and temporal patterns with a focus on understanding public perception.
My research interests fall within the field of Ecology and Zoology, graduating from a Bachelor of Science in 2015. I am particularly interested in the marine environment which has been the underlying focus of my research experience. I worked with Professor Andy Fischer from the Institute of Marine and Antarctic studies, University of Tasmania during 2015 analysing wind data and the relationships with harmful algal blooms along the eastern coastline of Tasmania. I am now undertaking an Honours Research project at the University of Queensland with Associate Professor Salit Kark. My research aims to generate knowledge of how to direct shark-attack mitigation approaches in an environmentally conscious manner by providing an analytical approach that can be utilised to advance conflict resolution approaches to be more spatially informed than current intervention strategies, as well as guide public education programs through an increased scientific knowledge of public perception. To effectively mitigate shark-human conflicts an understanding of how humans view sharks and shark mitigation approaches is required as human perception is known to act as a barrier or facilitator in achieving conservation goals.