Researcher biography

My research interests span environmental management, ecosystem services and ecological economics, with a particular focus on planning for multiple conservation and development objectives in Australia and Indonesian Borneo.

In 2011, I received a Bachelor of Environmental Management (Sustainable Development) with First Class Honours and a University Medal from The University of Queensland. During this time I developed a background in geographical information systems, ecological economics, land use planning, and environmental science.

My PhD research focused on developing and evaluating strategies to manage multiple ecosystem services under uncertain global change scenarios. I developed approaches for applying economic methods (ecosystem service markets and modern portfolio theory) to protect coastal ecosystem services under sea-level rise, and explored strategies to manage trade-offs between livestock production and greenhouse gas regulation under global change in Australia’s tropical rangelands. I also conducted a systematic review of how climate change and other drivers have been incorporated into ecosystem service assessments and decisions.

I am now a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation Science in collaboration with the Integrated Forest Decisions Lab at the University of Northern British Columbia. This project will compare land sparing and land sharing strategies for forest management in Indonesian Borneo, with consideration for carbon emissions, biodiversity, timber production, and other ecosystem services. This research is cross-disciplinary, linking methods from ecological modelling, economics and operations research.