Researcher biography

I am interested in researching and managing the direct and indirect impacts of human-associated pressures upon marine environments and biodiversity, as well as integrated natural resource management (fisheries and forestry) across land-sea systems. The ecology, conservation and management of threatened species and how they interact within complex dynamic systems are of particular interest to me. In my PhD I have been using a combination of spatial conservation planning and ecosystem modelling to answer questions about optimal management of resources and mitigation of multiple threats in rapidly transforming or dynamic landscapes. It is important to me that my research is applicable and accessible to agencies and stakeholders involved in making conservation decisions, and I endeavour to collaborate with governments and non-government organisations as much as possible. I recently completed my Bachelor of Science Honours working on a collaborative project investigating novel methods to design marine reserve networks that incorporate uncertainty, alongside researchers from the University of Queensland and the Wildlife Conservation Society in Fiji. My PhD is funded by the Wildlife Conservation Society, CSIRO, and the ARC Centre of Excellence for Environmental Decisions (CEED).