Researcher biography

I am a conservation decision-maker interested in managing the direct and indirect impacts of human-associated pressures upon marine environments and biodiversity, as well as integrated and sustainable natural resource management across land and sea systems. The ecology, conservation and management of threatened megafauna and how they interact within complex dynamic systems are of particular interest to me. I completed a PhD with Prof Hugh Possingham at the University of Queensland’s School of Biological Sciences and Dr Eva Plaganyi at CSIRO Oceans & Atmosphere in 2016, focusing on understanding multiple threats to marine ecosystem. I used a combination of spatial conservation planning and ecosystem modelling to find cost-effective and efficient solutions to managing marine and terrestrial resources. This allowed me to build expertise in tropical coral reef ecology and conservation, sustainable oil palm plantation development and land-sea runoff modelling, as well as foraging ecology of baleen whales and modelling predator-prey interactions with krill given climate change. In 2016 I started as a Research Fellow with Prof Rob Harcourt in the Marine Predator Research Group at Macquarie University, working on understanding cetacean entanglements in fishing gear across Australia, and finding optimal cost-effective management solutions. I have also worked on understanding and mapping pressures to threatened marine species in the North Marine Bioregion of Australia. I am currently involved in a Lenfest Forage Fish project with Dr Eva Plaganyi-Lloyd and Dr Beth Fulton at CSIRO, working on developing indicators and guideline for practical Ecosystem Based Fishery Management (EBFM) using ecosystem models.It is important to me that my research is applicable and accessible to agencies and stakeholders involved in making conservation decisions, and I collaborate with governments and non-government organisations as much as possible, including the Wildlife Conservation Society, WWF, The Nature Conservancy, and CSIRO.