Researcher biography

My research focus is the conservation of Antarctic and sub-Antarctic terrestrial ecosystems, in particular conservation planning and invasive species establishment in these areas of relatively low human pressure. I examine interactions between indigenous and non-indigenous species, and how invasive species influence ecosystem function. My work examines the role of invasive vertebrates in impacting threatened species and ecosystem structure. I'm particularly interested in how these change over time, space and with management regimes. I study the role of decision-making in prioritisation of island eradications. I strive to deliver policy relevant science to further conservation of these last true wilderness areas. I also undertake research on gender equity and inclusion in STEMM. My current research is funded by the National Environment Science Program, Threatened Species Recovery Hub and the Australian Antarctic Program.  I am an executive member of the Australian Academy of Science, Early Mid Career Research Forum. 

Twitter: @justine_d_shaw