Researcher biography

Amelia Wenger is a CBCS Research Fellow at The University of Queensland and an Associate Conservation Scientist with the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS). Her research identifies and critically assesses management gaps and conservation solutions to benefit marine ecosystems and people who depend on them. An interdisciplinary approach that emphasises the ecological and social connectivity of systems and the need for cross-sector collaboration is paramount to all of her research. This approach ensures that she is producing the knowledge and tools that communities, conservation organizations, and governments need to balance conservation and development goals.

Amelia’s current research agenda focuses on: 1) ridge to reef decision-making; 2) improving coastal and marine management outcomes; and 3) understanding linkages between ecosystem health and human health. As an NGO scientist, Amelia provides technical resources and analytical capacity to the Wildlife Conservation Society’s projects funded through the Vibrant Oceans Initiative. She also supports WCS’s global coral reef social and ecological monitoring program.