School of Earth and Environmental Sciences


Researcher biography

Michelle’s research broadly focuses on applied conservation research that is linked directly to on the ground actions. More specifically, she is interested in efficient reserve design, mapping and mitigating threats, cost-effective conservation actions and proactive planning under climatic change. Michelle has worked for several years in Turkey, Qatar and South Africa, focusing on sustainable development and waste management. She has a Masters in Environmental Management majoring in Conservation Biology from the University of Queensland. Her master’s thesis focused on valuing ecosystem services to align environmental management with the Sustainable Development Goals. She is now completing her Ph.D. with a focus on understanding cumulative and interacting threats, understanding stewardship responsibilities and prioritising management for Australian native biodiversity. She volunteers for Wildcare Australia, predominately rescuing and rehabilitating native, orphaned mammals. She is also an IUCN WCPA Commission Member and is working closely with the Green List Specialist Group. Her current supervisors are Associate Professor Jonathan Rhodes, Professor Hugh Possingham and Professor James Watson.