Researcher biography

I am super keen on conducting interdisciplinary research that deliver solutions to address real-word conservation problems.

I am currently pursuing my PhD at The University of Queensland, under the supervision of Rich Fuller. My focus is on investigating changes in human–nature interactions across time and space in densely populated and highly urbanised cities, and understanding how that relates to human wellbeing, ecological complexity and people’s conservation concern.

I have extensive research interests, and am also a collaborator in other projects that – (i) improve genetic resilience in avian species; (ii) mitigate urban heat island effect through landscape ecology; and (iii) investigate ecosystem services in Asian cities.

Prior to this, I completed my Masters (2014) and Degree (2012) at the National University of Singapore and spent a huge amount of time mucking around abandoned aquaculture ponds and mangroves in Sulawesi (Indonesia) doing mangrove rehabilitation research, and hugging trees when investigating niche preferences of trees and seedlings in forests on American Samoa.

I’d love to have a chat anytime, so please reach out!