Researcher biography

Da-Li is a PhD student studying how to build biodiversity-friendly agriculture in Asia by the different sources of citizen science data and high-resolution land-use maps, and how to use these sources to guide explicit prioritisation of landscape management actions. He is supervised by Professor Richard Fuller, Professor Martine Maron and Dr Tatsuya Amano. He has been a keen birder since 2001 and a research fellow of the Taiwan Endemic Species Research Institute since 2011, working on wildlife–habitat relationships, landscape ecology, citizen science, and avian ecology. Together with colleagues, he launched several citizen science projects in Taiwan, including Taiwan New Year Bird Count, Taiwan Roadkill Observation Network, and eBird Taiwan. Da-Li is also a keen writer and translator of popular science journals and books in Taiwan.  

Journal Articles

Lin, D.-L., Fu S.-W., Yuan H.-W., Ding T.-S. 2019. Bird species richness in relation to land-use patch structure and vegetation structure in a forest-agriculture mosaic. Ornithological Science, 18(2): 135–147. doi: 10.2326/osj.18.135

Kou, Y., D.-L. Lin, F.-M. Chuang, P.-F. Lee, and T.-S. Ding. 2013. Bird Species Migration Ratio in East Asia, Australia, and Surrounding Islands. Naturwissenschaften, 100(8): 729–738. doi: 10.1007/s00114-013-1069-7