Researcher biography

Julián Reyes is Natural Resources Conservation Engineer from the University of Concepción, Chile. As an undergraduate student, he participated in several projects related to remote sensing, land-use change and deforestation within the Landscape Ecology Laboratory (LEP), University of Concepción. Through his undergraduate thesis, he performed a connectivity analysis for the black woodpecker, identifying critical habitat patches for species movement throughout the landscape. Following this, he secured a position as a research assistant within the LEP in charge of the "Pitavia punctata conservation plan” for a threatened tree of south-central Chile, where he developed a restoration approach base on reference ecosystem as well as habitat management and long-term monitoring actions.

Julián also took part as a project coordinator in the public bid “Management plan for Cerro Cayumanque biodiversity, Bio-bío Region” developed by the Ecology and Biodiversity Institute (IEB), which aimed to set a baseline for a future protected area in central Chile through promoting stakeholder engagement in conservation. He joined a multidisciplinary team to develop and implement a watershed management project that aims to address water scarcity in rural and Indigenous communities in the La Araucanía region. He managed the GIS of the project and performed spatial analyses, modelling and technical report writing.

Julián is a current Master in Conservation Science student at The University of Queensland. His main research interests are: ecological modelling, threatened species management, ecological restoration and conservation planning.