Researcher biography

Devin is a PhD student in the Marine Spatial Ecology Lab under the supervision of Professor Peter Mumby and Dr Chris Doropoulos (CSIRO). After obtaining a BA in Environmental Science from the University of Virginia, Devin worked as an environmental consultant where she was involved in a variety of monitoring, compliance, and sustainability projects in the United States. She also has experience in marine conservation and coral restoration, working for MOTE’s Tropical Research Laboratory on their reef restoration program in the Florida Keys, and is interested in the development of community-based conservation protocols to develop sustainable reef restoration programs worldwide.

Devin moved to Australia in 2018 to complete a Masters in Conservation Science at The University of Queensland, where she investigated the influence of socioeconomic data resolution on the effectiveness of marine protected area design under the supervision of Professor Rich Fuller and Dr Nur Arafeh-Dalmau. Her PhD research is focused on the drivers of coral survival during the early stages of reef recovery and how these processes can inform the design of future reef restoration strategies to maximise their effectiveness.