Researcher biography

Peter’s expertise is in modelling challenges in conservation and invasion biology, with particular interest in the efficient allocation of resources for conservation and environmental management. His research has typically linked ecological models with decision theory, using quantitative approaches to explore optimal ways of managing populations and species of concern. 

Within the NESP Threatened Species Recovery Hub’s “Saving species on Australian islands” project, Peter’s current research involves compiling and analysing databases of threatened species and invasive species on islands, which will assist in identifying gaps and opportunities for conservation management.

Peter holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management from the University of California, Berkeley; a B.A. (Mod.; Environmental Sciences) from Trinity College Dublin; and Diploma in Actuarial Techniques from the Institute of Actuaries, London. He has previously held postdoctoral positions at the University of Melbourne, University of Queensland, and Queensland University of Technology and was a lecturer with UQ’s Centre for Applications in Natural Resource Mathematics.