Researcher biography

Nicki is a marine conservation biologist and PhD candidate at The University of Queensland under the supervision of Professor Martine Maron, Professor James Watson and Dr Megan Saunders. Her project has been awarded an International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (IPRS) and a UQ Centennial scholarship.  Her current research investigates marine biodiversity offset strategies and their ability to achieve conservation objectives. She is also interested in evaluating impacts and the achievement of no net loss in marine and coastal ecosystems, coastal and marine restoration and spatial conservation planning across the land sea interface. Ultimately, her research aims to assess the potential impacts of humans and environmental change on species of concern and seeks to promote conservation by interfacing science with policy, with the goal of contributing to real world problems through quantitative and interdisciplinary approaches, and increasing the sustainability of over-utilized ecosystems. 

Nicki is an experienced ecologist with 10 years of ecological and environmental consulting experience for a range of industries (including government and mining). She completed her Msc. In Conservation Biology at The University of Queensland, exploring the human dimensions of threatened species conservation. Before commencing her PhD she worked as a research assistant on several sea turtle conservation projects in the United States and Costa Rica, as well as research on the Florida manatee.