Researcher biography

Evelyn is interested in applied science to better conserve and protect biodiversity. She is currently working as a research assistant under the supervision of Dr Amelia Wenger in a project focused on developing resources to help sanitation and marine practitioners to work together to address, in an integrated way, wastewater impacts on human and ecosystem health:

She has previously participated in a review of biodiversity offsetting outcomes to inform policy in Queensland with Professor Martine Maron. She also collaborated with Dr Vicky Martin to perform social surveys to recreational boaters in the Moreton Bay Marine Park area to inform decision-making in terms of management and conservation:

Evelyn completed a Master’s degree in Environmental Management at The University of Queensland and she received a Bachelor degree in Biology at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. Before coming to The University of Queensland, she worked for 6.5 years in the environmental sector in different areas such as wastewater, waste management, planning and coordination of environmental policy in Mexico City.