Researcher biography

Skye Anderson completed a Bachelor of Arts in Zoology/Statistics and a first-class Honours in Ecology at the University of Otago. Living in New Zealand, Skye was involved in many conservation projects including working with the department of conservation in Nelson Lakes National Park, stream health surveys in high country areas of central Otago, and yellow-eyed penguin monitoring in Dunedin. Her passion for studying wildlife ecology continued to grow when she moved to Hawaii and worked as a field biologist for four years. Skye worked for the Maui nui seabird recovery project, whose aim is to locate, protect and enhance seabird colonies on Maui.

In January 2024 Skye moved to Brisbane to start her PhD at The University of Queensland under the supervision of Dr Matthew Luskin and Professor Richard Fuller. Her research is focussed on the ecology and conservation of Australian tropical forest wildlife. She is particularly interested in utilising large camera trap datasets and statistical modelling to investigate dynamics of species assemblage changes resulting from anthropogenic pressures.