Researcher biography

Brooke is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow who focuses on finding innovative solutions to conservation problems at the environment–human interface at both global and local scales. Balancing conservation with human needs is an increasingly important area of science, and she addresses these challenges in two ways. The first is through strategic planning where she designs tools to effectively allocate conservation action, largely through mathematical optimisation. The second is by developing metrics and assessments to quantify how human activities impact biodiversity and ecosystem services (the services that nature provides to people such as fresh drinking water), and how to improve outcomes.

Currently she is working on developing new tools to improve conservation outcomes across two broad themes. The first is to improve outcomes for ecosystem services that are impacted by global trade, and the second is to help guide decision-making on private lands.

She has worked on several conservation and planning projects globally and across Australia, Central and South America, and Africa with various conservation groups, including the Wildlife Conservation Society, The Nature Conservancy, and the International Institute for Sustainability Australia.

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